MUTO Comfort

MUTO Comfort

Multi-functional manual sliding door system

Designed for use with glass and timber, MUTO Comfort benefits from self-closing and integrated locking, a sleek mechanism that stays completely out of sight, plus a multiplicity of user-friendly options to create customized solutions.  With MUTO, installing manual sliding door systems is quick and easy – all relevant functions can be adjusted from the front after mounting.

Suitable for glass, wall and ceiling installations.

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Impressive convenienceMUTO’s compact elegance and wide optional functionality offer enhanced user-friendliness in a sliding door system:

  • Door shuts automatically thanks to the power-free self-closing action
  • Door panel is gently taken to its end position through DORMOTION
  • Easy locking by remote control or from a wall switch
  • Status indicator allows connection to a facility management system
  • Pass through a double-leaf door by moving just one of the two panels – thanks to the synchro function

Freedom of planningMUTO is a versatile system with an elegant appearance to enhance any interior. Don’t know what level of equipment you require yet? No problem. Many extras can be retrofitted as and when required with the help of practical accessory sets.


  • Suitable for glass and timber solutions
  • Safe use with laminated safety (LSG)
  • With or without side panels
  • Single and double panels
  • For light and heavy doors (50 – ۱۵۰kg)
  • Individual design: simulated satin stainless steel, white, silver and special powder-coated and anodized finishes on request

Easy and fast installationMUTO makes installing manual sliding door systems particularly easy:


  • Access to all relevant functions after install thanks to removable front cover
  • Height adjustment at the hanging door panel
  • DORMOTION damping can be installed without glass preparation and is suitable for retrofit.
  • Adapter profile for false/suspended ceilings
  • Tested with laminated safety glass

Hassle-free retrofitWith the practical accessory sets, extras can be retrofitted as and when required:

  • DORMOTION damping
  • Electromechanical lock
  • Status indicator

Longer service life The exceptional longevity of the system has been proved in tests involving more than 200,000 operating cycles, (performed to BS EN 1527).

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Our new multi-functional manual sliding door system.

MUTO - Installation Video (Complete)

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