ED 100 / 250 – Proven Reliability in Cold Environments

Swing door operators are characterised by their reliable performance, which makes them energy efficient with a high level of user convenience. However, extremely low temperatures may have a negative effect on their reliability.

The viscosity of the hydraulic fluid within the electrohydraulic operators rises, which increases the resistance within the hydraulic system. Therefore the opening and closing speed decreases and the door may not close properly. As a result, precious energy is wasted as the climate barrier between the interior and exterior of the building is no longer provided.


This results in:

• Energy loss from open doors

• Decelerated opening and closing cycles

• Temperature related adjustments required

ED 100 / 250 with Integrated Initial Drive Control

ED 100 and ED 250 electromechanical swing door operators provide reliable performance even in cold environments. Instead of a closed hydraulic system, these operators are equipped with a multi-stage gear, which only requires a low amount of high-performance grease to provide outstanding operation. Therefore ED 100 and ED 250 operators are extremely durable – even in cold environments. In addition, their integrated Initial Drive Control (IDC) ensures functional stability as the system detects and compensates for even the slightest irregularities in the door’s performance.


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  • Smooth performance despite low temperatures
  • Reliable closing
  • No temperature related adjustments required

Reliable even north of the Arctic Circle

This practical example proves: Even the extreme cold weather in the north of Sweden does not impair ED 100 and ED 250 technology.

Location: Jukkasjärvi, Lapland, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Every year, selected artists build the world-famous Ice Hotel.