Each day millions of people enter a shopping mall by a DORMA door, without realizing it, for one simple reason: At DORMA we never stop working to make the lives of our customers and users as easy and as hassle-free as we possibly can. This elimination of everyday effort is one of the outcomes of the functional integrity of our access solutions.

Modern shopping malls are an integral world in themselves. They provide a unique retail experience beyond the store, with restaurants and food courts, fitness and wellness suites, salons, department stores, cinemas and theatres – all under one roof.

And it’s not just the expanse of area or the number of units that impresses but also, and above all, the architecture. These modern temples of consumption stand apart, providing wide open spaces, plenty of daylight and a pleasant internal climate the whole year round. The enjoyment value they offer is high indeed.

Door closers and more at the Bikini, Berlin



Given the growing significance of online shopping, providing a live retail experience is becoming ever more important. Physical retail outlets are unable to compete in terms of convenience and selection, so they have to provide a different kind of value-add: atmosphere, entertainment and lifestyle.

Dubai has shown the way forward – with a ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates and a gigantic multi-storey aquarium in the Dubai Mall. The CentralWorld in Bangkok has a saltwater lake with sea lions swimming around in it, while the 1 Utama Mall in Malaysia comes with its own rain forest and a huge roof garden. Different again, the South City Mall in Kolkata includes a multiplex cinema.

Revolving Door at Ski Dubai - Mall of the Emirates

Asia accounts for the largest number of shopping malls, and also many of the world’s biggest exemplars. However, in the USA – home of the shopping mall (the first shopping center opened in Minneapolis in 1956) – the trend now is moving in the opposite direction, away from large complexes and toward individually designed shopping streets with many small stores.



Many investors are now looking for mixed use solutions, i.e. complexes that offer lifestyle facilities, residential amenities and work opportunities. Fall 2014 saw the opening of the Mall of Berlin, a city within a city located in the middle of Berlin, not far from the Reichstag parliamentary building. The new downtown quarter unites retail and gastronomy with a hotel, offices and residential apartments.

The Zorlu Center in Istanbul offers a similar concept, but in far larger dimensions. The five-function project includes a culture and art center, a hotel, a business center, a shopping center and residences as well.

Revolving doors at Zorlu Center - Istanbul

As mentioned, the biggest complexes, the mega-malls, are mostly being built in Asia. Such as the Shanghai International Financial Center and Shanghai Kerry Center, equipped with a full range of door control solutions, from floor springs to door closers, from patch fittings to accessories.



The master plan of the King Abdullah Financial District offers a perfect combination of mixed use and ecological approach. The gigantic complex is being constructed in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh as a paragon of sustainable urban development.

Already a shining example of an energy-efficient building is the City Square Mall in Singapore. A winner of the Green Mark Platinum Award of Singapore’s BCA (Building & Construction Authority), it operates on 38 percent less energy than conventionally designed buildings. DORMA equipped the mall with ES type automatic sliding door operators together with a large number of door closer systems.

Auto sensor sliding - City Square Mall - Singapore


Barrier-free access is today something that is almost taken for granted. Automatic doors from DORMA – whether sliding, swing or revolving – operate under sensor control with quiet reliability. Elegant DORMA solutions can be found in the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai (automatic glass sliding doors), at Walgreens, Chicago (revolving door), and at the entrance of Cambridge’s Grand Arcade shopping center in the UK (automatic swing doors) – to name but three.

Automatic swing doors Grand Arcade - Cambridge



Horizontal sliding walls (HSW) in toughened or laminated glass function as flexible shop windows, step quietly to the side for wide-area access, and provide reliable security at night, protecting both goods on display and those stored away.

While inside shopping centers it is usually the elegant HSW EASY Safe that takes preference, external frontages at the street interface require HSW FLEX Therm for easy climate control. Both DORMA solutions are distinguishable by their attractive design and hassle-free handling – from installation through to daily usage and operation.

HSW at Adidas Shop London

A perfect example: The ADIDAS Store in London. DORMA’s configurable HSW-G glass sliding wall system was selected for direct access to the store from Oxford Street.



DORMA’s all-glass solutions ensure maximum transparency combined with aesthetic elegance. The new MUNDUS patch fittings impress with their clear-cut design lines and the absence of visible fixings. Available in a wide range of finishes, colors and materials, they are also quick and easy to install. The adjustment work can all be carried out with the panels installed and in situ.



The Akbati Shopping Mall in Istanbul is equipped to handle all kinds of pedestrian flow, thanks to the integration of two KTC 2 solutions in one main entrance – elegant revolving doors during normal daily usage that convert into automatic sliding doors to handle the rush. Flexibly adaptable to usage frequency by means of a program switch, they also offer an energy-efficient barrier between the internal and external climate the whole year round.

KTC2 - Akbati Mall - Istanbul


Plots are scarce and expensive in Europe’s central city locations, so many developers are focusing on the refurbishment of older department stores. Shopping centers that have seen better days are stripped to the core and reconstructed to a high standard of finish for a new opening day.
One example of a successful rebuild is the historic Zoobogen complex opposite Berlin’s Gedächtniskirche Memorial Church. There, the building known as Bikini Berlin was completely redesigned internally while retaining the external architecture.

Revitalization of Bikini - Berlin

By contrast, the Debenhams department store on Oxford Street, London’s premier shopping street, radiates an entirely new look. A significant feature of the redesigned 370,000 sq. foot department store is an aluminum overcladding system that aims to create a “kinetic façade” which moves and ripples in response to the wind.

Debenhams London

In keeping with this impressive new exterior, a complete entrance package of 14 toughened glass door sets from DORMA was specified by Archial Norr. It included seven manual pairs with DORMA floor springs, six DORMA ED200i in-head automatic swing door operators, and one all-glass fire escape door featuring DORMA AD 4400 TGD panic hardware. The manual glass doors are equipped with the DORMA Universal range of glass fittings and robust TP/TA door rails.